Careers -Business Development Executive Interview Brief

Business Development Executive Interview Brief

You know something crazy? sometimes clients send briefs Via Voice notes and you have to make sense of it and ask the right questions.

Here is an example of a voice note sent by a fictional company: – Click Here to Find the Audio

Company Name: Africa’s gift

Product name:- Citrus Burst

Product Images


  1. Create a meeting report & summary to be shared with the client & your VP of Client services highlighting your client’s needs. (less than 1 page).
  2. What are the top 5 questions you would ask the client in your email response to the voice note ? and what would be your follow up actions ? 
  3. Create a 3-4 slide marketing proposal document to upsell the client on what services the organization can offer ( include pricing ) hint: study the services offered by Top Content Agency.

When you are done, use the link below