Events Calendar 2022: Grow Your Business By Planning Ahead

Events Calendar 2022

The truth is:
We all like to be celebrated and appreciated. And when a business celebrates important dates with its customers/clients/employees, they are watering the ground for future cooperation and patronage. Marking events your clients and customers hold dear is an effective way to build brand trust and loyalty for your business, and in return grow your business.

Why Do You Need An Events Calendar?

Celebrate Customers And Clients 

Customers and clients come first. Without them, there is no business. 

Throughout the year, there are notable events that your clients cherish. Marking these special events year-round connects your business with your audience in a relationship that goes beyond transactions and projects.

Also, celebrating with your customers shows that your business appreciates cultural diversity. This action opens new doors to better market your product and broadens your customer base and community. 

Good and Effective Marketing 

Good marketing is the end product of timely and thoughtful planning. Having a year-round events calendar gives you weeks and months ahead to brainstorm on the events that fit your line of business.

Tracking your content marketing activities around the year (with an events content calendar) keeps you on an even keel with annual holidays and events related to your industry. Embracing this augments your online presence with content generated around these notable events.

Hence, the Top Content Marketing Agency (TCMA) 2022 Events Calendar is about helping you select holidays relevant to your business.

This calendar keeps you from flooding customers with celebratory messages on every single holiday in the year. Your customers are going to appreciate this!

Download Yearly Events Calendar
Download Yearly Events Calendar

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” 
-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

TCMA Events Calendar 2022

We have compiled this extensive events calendar to save you time, complete with key local and international events, ensuring you have something to celebrate every week in 2022.

From World Braille Day on January 4th, Mother’s Day on 8th May, and World Coconut Day on September 2nd, to National Coffee day on September 29th and Employee Appreciation on the 4th of March, the range of events in this calendar is expansive, giving you options to be flexible and adaptive with your plans. 

Having options help you execute in-depth marketing strategies efficiently, in line with your brand, significantly increasing your chances of achieving your business goals.

What a way to get through the year! 

Here’s a sneak-peek through our events calendar:

Jan. 1- New Year’s Day 

Usher customers into 2022 with a warm message. You can also include a discount offer to set a great tone to kick off the year. 

Jan. 9- National Take A Stairs Day 

Depending on your niche, encourage your customers to get active by moving around and using the stairs. Find a way to creatively link this to your product and remind them how it can solve specific problems for them. 

Jan. 22- World Hugging Day 

“Spread love and warmth through hugs.” Encourage community, friendship, and romance. Relate this to your business without being too pushy.

Jan. 29- National Puzzle Day 

Our favorite puzzle is solving your (insert relevant term) problems. Pitch your business and what you do to prospects to get them on your side.

Jul. 4- Independence Day

Celebrate patriotism and freedom, depending on your choice, niche, and audience. A sale will be great around this time. You may extend the deal by creating Independence Week from the 4th to the 9th.

Jul.16- World Snake Day

If you’re into wildlife or environmental protection, you could post some beautiful snakes endangered through climate change. 

Jul.18- #NoMakeUp Day

This day is a field day for you if your business is in the beauty industry. You can do “before and after make-up” videos, encourage your customers to celebrate their natural beauty, and market your natural beauty products (if any).

Jul 25- World Youth Day

Celebrate the vibrant energy and drive that comes with youth. Do this if your audience is young.

Dec.4- Small Business Saturday (UK)

For B2B and SaaS companies targeting small businesses, this day presents an opportunity to sell how your services help small businesses thrive. Collaborate with other secondary competitors and promote each other’s businesses. 

Dec. 10- Human Rights Day

Every human has fundamental rights that should be respected and protected. If your niche is political or social, this day is a perfect opportunity to speak your truth.

Dec. 18- International Migrants Day

If you choose to, you can take this day to celebrate the diversity of immigrants worldwide. You can use this angle to offer your products and services if your niche is travel or something similar. 

Dec. 31- New Year’s Eve

Thank your customers, staff, investors, and directors for their contributions throughout the year. 

Final Words

Ultimately, an event is a brand awareness opportunity for your business and a chance to bond with your customers. Being authentic, relatable, and sincere in your campaigns goes a long way in forging lasting relationships with your clients and giving your business the much-needed launchpad to a higher level.

Download the 2022 Events Calendar here.

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