1. What core services do you offer? – end to end email marketing and automation, website copywriting, product descriptions technology, B2B writing and marketing. All types of content writing for various industries

  2. What types of companies do you serve, and in what industries or markets? – a wide range. from ecommerce businesses, healthcare, B2B, technology, training/coaching businesses, fashion, beauty and so on. We have had the privilege to work with clients in a multitude of industries and business sectors.

  3. How is your pricing structured? – pricing ranges vary depending on the services we offer. email us to get a quote

  4. How do you measure results? – this depends on your company’s key performance index, overall business goals and your unique content and strategy. We use a variety of metrics to measure success, form future strategy, and highlight areas that require improvement. This also depends on which of our services you need.

  5. Which Content management and Email Marketing Platforms Do you Use? – We have expertise with most CMS: From wordpress to wix, magento, shopify etc. For email marketing, we have worked with most of the leading tools like Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Klaviyo, Constant Contact, Getresponse, Hubspot and so much more.

  6. Why is SEO ImportantSEO is important because it’s specifically aimed at getting your  target audiences to see content organically by using keywords and phrases that are relevant to their needs and search intent. It optimizes your site and content for the search engines and improves your business’s online visibility. 

  7. Why is hiring an agency better than hiring someone in-house? – when an agency manages your marketing campaign it’s a worthwhile experience. Agencies have the ability to stay up-to-date on current trends, tools, and you have an entire team of creative skilled experts in varied fields working for you. You also spend less!

  8. How effective is email marketing – with a built in opt in list, email marketing allows you to create targeted and personalised messages that promote your products or services and help you develop meaningful relationships with your potential customers or clients. It is arguably the channel with the most ROI.

  9.  Why does my business need a content marketing strategy – effective content marketing strategy and implementation can help you build strong customer relationships and it takes the burden off you from the planning, content development, implementation and results while you focus on your business. It also helps reduce your cost of promotion over time.

  10.  How do I grow my email subscribers’ list? – Whatever you do, you do not buy a list, it’s the fastest way to render your emails redundant and it’s a waste of effort and money. There are different ways to grow your own opt-in email list. Click here to contact a specialist