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In this digital age, where access to a ton of information is as simple as an online search, it has become imperative that brands and businesses build a strong online presence. A strong online presence ensures that when the services they offer are searched on the internet, their brand is visible to provide these services.
However, for these brands to thrive, they have to go beyond just being seen online to building lasting relationships with their customers.

To achieve this goal of constant online visibility and lasting customer relationships, brands have incorporated several marketing strategies to convert website visitors to loyal customers.
One of such strategies is building email lists. Having a big email list means that you have more customers who trust you enough to receive emails from you. An added advantage is that you can market your products and services directly to them and be sure of a higher conversion rate than marketing to new visitors to your brand.
Although different brands build mailing lists in different ways, this marketing strategy generally works in three stages.

  • Getting Website Traffic
  • Converting Visitors to Subscribers
  • Converting Subscribers to loyal Customers

Getting Website Traffic

The first step to getting website traffic is to create content related to your brand and its services. These web content must be what your target audience will love to read. Your target audience and customers have many questions, and you build their trust in your brand better when you prove to be an expert in your field and have the answers to their pressing questions. This is the only way you can get them to move to the next stage of customer loyalty by subscribing to your website. Having excellent articles will be of great advantage in this stage.

How do articles help build your list?

When people ask questions on the internet, the search engine churns out content providing these answers to the closest degree of accuracy. These answers are mostly published articles written on websites.
Publishing SEO optimized articles that answer the questions your ideal customers’ questions raises your website’s chances of being visible online and hence increases traffic to your site.
Consistently publishing articles that meet your customers’ needs boosts the reputation of your brand, and registers you as an expert in that field. This improves your website’s SEO rankings and further increases visibility and traffic.
The articles on your website don’t have to be restricted to your products or services alone. Writing articles related closely to your products or solving common problems people who use your products face can also be an effective way of driving more traffic to your website and building trust.
When prospective customers visit your website and articles, they must feel seen, heard, and understood. Publishing articles that do these makes them trust your brand and is the first step to building customer loyalty.

Which brings us to the next stage:

Converting Visitors to Subscribers:

Once your website visitors are satisfied with the information in your articles, the next stage is to get them to subscribe for more and not miss out on the other fantastic content your brand offers.
This is a marketing strategy known as opt-in marketing. Essentially, this means getting permission from your visitors and customers to send them emails containing information they would find useful.
Opt-in marketing can be done as easily as giving a juicy offer like a free consultation or a huge discount off products at the end of your articles as a bonus for subscribing. These offers could be lasting solutions directly or indirectly linked to the problems addressed in the article or answers to other questions they may have.
Remember, they won’t trust you to subscribe if they are not satisfied with the answers in your articles. Therefore, investing in creating great articles should be a priority.
Once they have subscribed, you move to the next stage.

Converting Subscribers to Loyal Customers

Now that they are subscribers, you have to meet and exceed their expectations. Ensure the newsletters you send to them continue to answer their questions and meet their needs. Using an effective email marketing strategy, win their trust completely, and build their loyalty. Ultimately, it is customer satisfaction that builds customer loyalty.
Once you have established this, getting them to purchase your products and pay for your services becomes easier with higher conversion rates because they trust you.

Loyal customers often refer brands to their friends and families who will also visit your website, and the cycle begins again.
Remember, it starts with answering the right questions in your website articles.

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