Email Marketing Specialist & Designer Job Vacancy -Test Brief

The Brief 

The Task is to design a sample email for a fictional product of bamboo bark chewing stick with citrus-flavored charcoal paste to someone who is a new customer. 

Target Persona: Female Instagram Influencer

Brand Name: Nature’s Zest

Brand Colors:-  https://colorhunt.co/palette/201781 


  1. Create a logo for the brand and use it in the email
  2. Use the email copy below 
  3. Also create a lead collection page linked to the HTML email

Email Copy

Title :- Your Slay Is Never Fully Complete Without This

Email Copy

A good smile catches attention

A fresh breath pulls the attention closer

A combination of both? SEALS THE DEAL!

How great would you feel walking around with a smile that can turn not just heads but hearts?

No, this is not a Scam.

We recently discovered a natural remedy that seals the deal for you.

As a natural remedy, it means you are 100% guaranteed of no side effects.

The great part? It is ridiculously affordable.

Our new chewing stick with citrus-flavored charcoal powder is certain to keep you confident all day by keeping your smile great and your breath fresh.

Get yours here at #500 per pack.

Limited packs available! So hurry!

You don’t want to miss out on those deals.