In Business and Marketing, Small Is The New Big


It is convenient for small businesses to think they cannot compete in a market dominated by large corporations. This is not always true, as large organizations are beginning to understand the reality that their consumer needs are evolving, and there is a need for something more personal, more honest, and real. This is obviously the forte of any thriving that small business. Therefore, it is now on-trend ‘to act small.’

Since adopting a small business approach is the latest innovation, this article is addressing the “5 Natural Business Advantages of Small Businesses. “

So, the question is, are you taking advantage of your small business advantages?

Here are a couple of things we think you should be doing as a small business if you are not already doing so.

  1. Maintain Laser Focus – To survive, most small businesses must adopt and maintain an almost laser market focus. By focusing on a niche and strength, they can develop a premium reputation for serving that narrow market effectively.
  2. Stay Close to your Target Market – Small business owners are so close to their markets that they can experience what their market experiences, and feel the pains and concerns of their customers. They can deliver high-level customer experience to any type of client. Tell me, who can connect with a client better, a 25-year veteran and author of two books on the industry or two twenty-something whiz kids from McKenzie? Your answer is the reason you should be making bank as a small business solving critical issues for your target audience.
  3. Ability to Quickly Transform – Small businesses can obtain new data from a market, or even a client or two, apply this information, and dramatically change their business model to align with a new opportunity or evolving consumer needs.
  4. Ease of Collaboration and Partnerships – This should be our core strength and source of rapid growth as a small business. Create networks of strategic collaborations and partners, and address the needs of their clients and yours with your combined strengths.
  5. Automate and Take advantage of Technology – With the advent of SaaS companies for startups and the Freemium economy, it has become easier for businesses to take advantage of the technology at an affordable price and without extensive technical skills to compete with large corporations. Also, using automation can improve your client engagement and reduce hours spent on monotonous work.

Overall, as a small business, consider this your season, your size is your strength, and it is essential to start taking advantage of that strength to increase your business profitability.

Think Big, Act Small!

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