Top Content Marketing Tools Every eCommerce Business Must Have

Top Content Marketing Tools for eCommerce


According to an essay written in 1996 by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, he made the famous quote – “content is king.” 

This simple but powerful phrase describes content as the future of marketing strategies because, with the right content, you can create a niche for your brand and set yourself apart from your competitors.

Now more than ever, content marketing has become a necessity for any eCommerce business that desires success, and it’s at the heart of some of the most successful digital marketing campaigns. 

Customers and prospects are always searching for businesses that produce valuable and relevant content that connects with them. Will your business be the solution with the wealth of knowledge they need?

Four Reasons Why Content Marketing Is Important For Your Business? 

Here are some of the top advantages that content marketing can provide your small business right now. 

Top Content Marketing Tools for eCommerce
Top Content Marketing Tools for eCommerce
  1. It builds trust and improves your brand reputation – consumers and prospects form opinions about your business based on the quality of content you produce. When your content is consistent, engaging, relevant, educational, and valuable, they will think the same things about your business. You are guaranteed an influx of customers and prospects flooding your site. The more value your content provides, the easier it will be to build trust and improve your brand reputation. By creating custom content, you get to know your prospects and customers, and they will come to see you as a leader in your industry when your content is published consistently across platforms, they may come to see you as a leader in the industry. 
  1. Quality content increases conversion rates – if the primary purpose of your website is to act as the hub of your business and an interface between your marketing and sales activity, then content marketing is the key to increasing conversion. Resourceful content propels customers and prospects towards a favorable buying decision, and ultimately, it induces them to exchange money for your products or services. 
  1. Content improves your search engine optimization (SEO) –  search engine optimization plays a vital part in improving your online visibility. Only optimized content can improve your SEO and increase your chances of showing up on the search engine result pages. For instance, when you create blogs on different topics relevant to your target audience on your website, it gives you more chances to rank for the keyphrases that they were searching for on the search engines.
  1. It helps you build relationships with customers and sets you apart from your competitors – your prospects and customers want to read great content! It allows you to connect with them because you focus on relevant topics that provide solutions to their needs, interests, and challenges. It helps you strengthen your relationships with current customers and build new ones with your prospects. Great content encourages repeat sales and enables you to establish powerful brand advocates and loyalists. The language and how you present your content are important to showcase your brand’s personality and voice. It distinguishes you from your competitors, and it’s an effective way to show what makes your brand different. 

As an eCommerce business owner, consistent and quality content marketing is a pillar that supports every other part of your digital marketing strategy. It integrates with all areas of your digital marketing strategy and helps make your campaigns successful.

Top Content Marketing Tool Every eCommerce Business Must Have 

Well, the whole world has gone digital, hasn’t it?

And to be effective and efficient, you require multiple tools in your content digital marketing toolbox to attract and engage your ideal audience. 

The eCommerce market is growing, and you have to find a way to stay ahead of it with advanced technology. With various content marketing automation tools available for eCommerce businesses, you can grow in profits and increase your brand value and awareness. 

Using these eCommerce marketing tools, you can save time, money, and energy.

So what are the top content marketing tools?

Google Docs

Google docs

It’s a widely available and free cloud-based document editing platform for collaboration that allows multiple users to work in a single document seamlessly. With this content tool, you can customize your fonts, create bulleted lists, insert tables, add images, and much more. With Google Docs, you can share a file with other users at the click of a ‘share’ button, and it empowers you and your team members to all be on the same page and collaborate. Google Docs is free, pleasant to use with an easy, user-friendly interface.



This is a fantastic premium SEO tool that provides you with data and insights. You can view your company’s organic keyword ranking as well as your competitors. It allows you to research target keywords, check out your competitor’s content strategy, identify backlink opportunities, to up your marketing strategy. It’s a valuable resource that enables you to uncover the keywords your competitors might not know about yet. Using the Keyword Magic Tool, you can find your competition’s keywords and use them to improve your content, like blog posts and articles. The SEO Content Template and SEO Writing Assistant is a feature that will help you to optimize your content for search engines to increase your organic traffic, attract backlinks, and stand out from the competition. 



It’s impossible to catch every writing error that you make on your own. No matter how great your content is, your customers and prospects aren’t going to trust you or engage with your content if it has multiple spelling and grammar mistakes. But using Grammarly, you can proofread and edit all your content and have it error-free and optimized before you post them. It’s an incredible tool that checks your content for spelling errors and readability issues. It provides a free Google Chrome extension that edits on-the-go in Google Docs, social media, and various content platforms. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the top analytics tools in content marketing that every eCommerce business owner requires. Google Analytics is a free digital analytics platform that allows you to track business metrics,  improve your content, optimize your website, and examine your traffic source. It’s an easy-to-use platform that will enable you to identify the specific types of content you need to appeal to your existing customer base.



It’s a great multi-purpose content marketing research tool that helps you analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor. It gives you content insights by checking the web to discover the content ideas that will pique your target audience’s interest, and it helps you find influencers in your industry to market your content for you. It also runs analysis reports based on keywords so you can track how your competitor’s content is performing and compare those results to yours.



HubSpot is a super-platform that offers you a wide range of content marketing tools. It’s a powerful marketing automation platform that allows you to build a growth machine that provides solutions at every level of your business’s growth, and you can have everything centralized with its world-class CMS. You can track metrics of your goals and targets using Hubspot’s analytics software, and it also allows for integrations like Salesforce, G Suite, and Microsoft Office. 



This is a project management tool that you can use for many purposes. It allows you to manage the process of content creation, especially if you’re working with multiple writers. It makes teamwork exciting and easy with boards, lists, and cards. With Trello, you can increase your productivity by scheduling content writing, posting, and share your content plan with team members in one place.



Now if your content isn’t visually appealing, you can be sure it won’t get a second glance. Canva is an all-purpose tool that is great for all kinds of content marketing imagery creation, like social media posts, blog cover photos, Twitter cover photos, etc. With its pre-built templates and layouts designed for various platforms, you can craft eye-catching images to use across all your content. It has a user-friendly interface that will make your content creation feel like a pro did it!



Here’s another excellent tool that gives you insights on why your competitors rank high and what you need to do to outrank them. Using Ahrefs, you can keep an eye on your competitors and track your progress simultaneously. You can use it for research before you write a piece of content, and after you market it, you can measure its performance. 


When content creation and sharing can be quite time-consuming, Hootsuite allows you to manage your social media posts ahead of time and based on their peak engagement hours. You can connect HootSuite to more than 35 social media platforms,  draft posts, schedule them, share them, check your social media calendar, and view your latest posts all from your dashboard.



This platform is one of the most globally recognized and accessible email marketing platforms that will enable you to use your content to run a successful email marketing campaign. It’s a free platform with countless features, and you can access your dashboard from both mobile and desktop. It allows you to build an email list with subscribers who genuinely engage with the content you produce. You can track your campaign progress, monitor metrics like your open and click rate, email subscribe, and unsubscribe rates. In general, Mailchimp allows you to know how well your content is performing through valuable data. Click here to find more email marketing tools.


These innovative tools are essential in your eCommerce business to take your content-engagement rates to the next level and establish your brand in the online world. 
It’s a competitive world, and using these content marketing tools can make a significant difference and have you creating amazing content like a pro.

Remember that content marketing tools won’t save a bad content strategy, product, or service. It’s crucial to have the right skill set to produce content that stands out from the competition.

We know that content creation can be a herculean task, especially when you have a lot to focus on in your business administration. Top Content Marketing Agency is a dynamic content marketing agency that can help you drive more traffic and increase conversions.

Ready to get started? Contact us to discuss your content marketing plan today.

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